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You may have noticed that the page for "RPG Title Here" is kind of lacking. That is because I have only recently started development on the game. However, I want to be able to bring constant updates on the game as I work on it, so I went ahead and started its page. In this devlog you can find information on the things that I am working on currently, what I have finished, and what I hope to be adding to the game. The first few version of an actual playable version of the game will be relatively short, and I hope to expand the game with semi-regular updates. I will try to post images with each update that I do on this devlog as well as to update my progress on a monthly, if not weekly, basis.

I would like to say that I have a good idea about what the entire game will be about. Sadly though I can't say that. This is the case because currently my main goal is to work out the core mechanics of the game before even thinking about the story or anything dealing with that. What I do know on the other hand is that "RPG Title Here" will be a Point-and-Click rpg game. It will include the essential ideas to an rpg/adventure game. Those being exploration, resource management for crafting, combat, allied and enemy AI, skills, and leveling.

">" = STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE | "!!" CURRENTLY WORKING ON | "//" FINISHED | !! I will also put what version of the game that an item bellow was first built in !!

  1. PnC Movement System [//] -- v0.01_01 Finished before upload
  2. Interaction [//] -- Finished 8/3/2017 v0.01_03
  3. Dialogue [//] -- Finished 8/3/2017 v0.01_03
  4. Menu System [//] -- Finished 8/3/2017 v0.01_03
  5. Inventory [!!] -- Started 8/4/2017
  6. Game AI [!!] -- Started 8/3/2017
  7. Moving Platforms [//] -- v0.01_01 Finished before upload
  8. Crafting [>]
  9. Resource Management [>]
  10. Exploration [>]
  11. Combat [>]
  12. Skills [>]
  13. Leveling {>]
  14. Weapons Systems [>]
  15. Loot System [>]
  16. Storyline [>]
  17. Quests [>]
  18. Dungeons [>]
  19. Monsters Models [>]
  20. NPC / Villagers Models [>]
  21. Settings Systems [>]

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