A downloadable game for Windows

** This is currently still in development and has no actual gameplay, this is currently for testing purposes, and making sure that the core mechanics work before working on a playable version of the game. Please check out my devlog "RPG Title Here" Development Progress to see how far I am in the development process and to get regular updates as to what I am doing with the game **

In Game Controls

>> Left Click on the ground to move

>> Right Click with objects in the environment to interact with them

>> Use "A" and "D" to rotate the camera

>> Use Escape to pause the game

@ Versions Available for Download On Windows 7+ @
>> Build v0.01_01 -- Development Version | 32 & 64 bit systems

>> Build v0.01_03 -- Development Version | 32 & 64 bit systems

Install instructions

  1. Just click the download button to download
  2. Once Finished extract the files to where you want
  3. Click the "RPG Title Here.exe"" file to play


Build v0.01_03.rar 13 MB
Build v0.01_01.rar 13 MB

Development log

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